WebSphere manage profiles interactive tool

I recently got a tip from IBM support about a friendler tool to use for creating WebSphere profiles. Previously I had used the graphical WebSphere Toolkit to create profiles on a new install but on the latest Windows Server 2019 images we were issued this tool would no longer work. It would crash with a Java error. IBM support discouraged use of this tool, instead they said to use the manageprofiles.bat command line tool. This tool is fine, however it is tedious to use because you have to enter in so many command line parameters.

IBM has a better tool called Manage Profiles Interactive. This tool provides a nice menu in the command prompt and steps you through the required and optional parameters to get your profiles created. I found this to be very easy to use and to document for the next person who has to do a server install from scratch in our environment.

Manage Profiles Interactive

I definitely recommend this tool!